About Us


Be it a passion or a hobby, shopping has fascinated millions of people across the globe. The shopzters blog is your perfect destination for your shopping needs, especially for weddings! The blog takes you across myriad facets of wedding shopping, bringing all of them to your desktop.

I have been an avid shopper since my teens and my craving for shopping reached its zenith during my wedding! I just cant walk past a shop without looking at the mannequins and peeping inside to see if there are new varieties in store! Nor can there be a day when I don’t open the webpages of my favourite online boutiques and stare in wonder at the subtle yet vibrant colours.  I am sure there are quite a few of you out there who share this fascination for shopping.  Hey, then, this blog is for you!

My inspiration to start this blog, I must say, came from my friends.  A number of my friends who loved everything about my wedding – be it sarees, make-up, decoration, food and photography were in touch with me periodically to know more about them. It was a real pleasure to be helpful in fulfilling the dreams of these young maidens.  Glistening with pride, the brides have all enjoyed every moment of their wedding, though  I take pride in saying ‘with a wee bit of my help!’  That was when this idea of creating a blog to help the brides to be, flashed across and THE SHOPZTERS was born!

This spark would not have blossomed into the blog that it is today without the concerted efforts of my best friend Preethi Venkat. Incidentally, both of us got married on the same day and did a lot of wedding planning together! Also, special thanks to Madhumitha Sundaresan of Desino, for the trendy logo in a bright hue.

Life is a collection of beautiful moments and weddings are such precious moments which are to be treasured! Flowers and fragrance, soulful ceremonies, delightful interactions and unbridled excitement are all characteristic of weddings! Here’s wishing that you savour these wonderful moments in your life! 

( Note: The lists given in the blog are not in any particular order)