Plan your wedding

The first and foremost thing we need to do  is to work out the budget for the wedding.  A number of times, we may go overboard on a few areas and hence we need to keep a strict watch on the budget.  Continuous monitoring is essential and initial discussion among the family members to allot a certain amount for each of the areas would help.



The primary thing we need  to do is to decide the wedding venue.  These days wedding halls are booked well in advance.  Hence it is important to choose the wedding halls as early as 6 months prior to the wedding.  This would ensure, you have ample choices according to your taste, convenience and budget.  Take care to understand the billing structure like the Electricity bills and the Air conditioner bills(if it is an A.C. Hall) and other additions that come along with the wedding hall.  A good rapport with the wedding hall manager is essential as you need to work with him for all your needs during the wedding and prior to it.  Make sure  the rooms in the wedding hall especially the bathrooms are clean, the ACs and TVs  are working etc.  Pay attention to every detail as far as the services in the hall and the rooms are concerned.  You can see that this personal care has brought smiles in the faces  of your guests.



The way into the man’s heart is through the stomach goes the proverb.  A marriage will be remembered for  the menu and the food served rather than for all the other things put together.  Hence it is important to first select a good caterer for the wedding.  Have a few discussions with them to understand their speciality and then merge  your preferences with them.  While a traditional menu is always a hit with the guests, it is also good to try some new dishes and stump them!



‘A photograph can be an instant of life captured for eternity that will never seize looking back at you’ – Brigitte  Bardot.

A photograph takes you down the memory lane.  Several  years later, when we look back at the wedding photographs, we become nostalgic and the freshness of everyone  involved in the wedding astonishes us!  As the sands of time roll on, the only remarkable testimony to the celebrations are the photographs!  Hence it is all the more important that you choose the best photographer for the wedding, of course, within your budget.

Today, there are  quite a bunch of candid photographers who capture these magical moments in a realistic manner.  Choose according to your taste and budget.  Discuss the different events that have to be covered, the number days they need to be present etc. 

You will realize that turning over the pages of the wedding album, after a few months or years is refreshing! 


Invitations are the first source of information to the guests about the wedding.  A unique wedding invitation will always stand out among the array of other invitations.   Hence take time to choose the one within your budget but unique in its own way.  The programme schedule along with the timing needs to be mentioned clearly. It is also important to send the invitations well in advance so as to facilitate hassle free travel for the guests.



Another  aspect that captures the interest of the guests are the decorations that embellish the entire wedding hall and outside.  Be it the pandhal,the name boards or the back drop,creativity rules the roost.  The decorations can be theme based or colour based.  It needs a lot of effort to select the best suited decorator for your wedding.  Take care to discuss even the minute details so that the arrangement is done to perfection. 



Indian weddings are always colourful and it is the time for celebration.  Today, entertainment in some form, has become a part of every wedding.  You have several options to choose from.  The carnatic concerts which are traditional are still the hot favourite for a wedding reception.  There are also the light music concerts where film songs enchant the guests.  Gaining more popularity among youngsters are the DJ music parties.  The youngsters go into raptures and there is festivity in the air.  Pick your choice and enjoy to the brim.